“The pioneer & owner of this company is Mr. Ilyas Panjwani, who is a highly professional and experienced in marketing and sales for more than 20 years. He has surveyed in the state and learnt that the segment of catering fresh eggs is very low and the breakage ratio is very high in transit of eggs by the people. He initiated on this and launched these products to cater fresh eggs under the transparency with the consumers.”Ilyas Panjwani/CEO


We are based on Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and distribution network that primarily services in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar & Baroda and its surrounding areas.
In the egg business, freshness and quality is everything. We have no third party components in our Fresh Egg Delivery system to ensure you get the freshest eggs humanly possible. Our farmers even produce their own feed to ensure quality control. And, as the first step to further distribution into wholesale and retail, we understand the imperative need for speed and reliability. Therefore, we own all of our own delivery vans and our deliver men are actual employees of our Company to ensure reliability.